Hi Jon. You have done work for me in past connecting up my Sky box in Orba and also installing Spanish TV aerial. I get the Freeview digital Spanish channels OK via the latter (via the Freeview do-da in my Samsung Smart TV, or via same in my Panasonic DVD recorder). My wife and I particularly enjoy watching the premership and Spanish footie via our Sky Sports subscription, but as that's now getting so expensive I'm wondering what we would have to do, how much it would cost, and whether it's worth it, to have access to the appropriate Spanish TV channels which show live football matches (from La liga, Champions league, and perhaps ocassionally English games). I note that there's often one such live game available on one of the freeview Spanish channels, but wonder if it's worth subscribing to any paid-for channels to have access to more games.

Do you know what my options would be, and how much they would cost? Can I just pay to have access to certain subscription-based channels which are currently blocked to me via the digital freeview, and if so which channels, what do they cost, and who do I contact? Or alternatively is it better to buy a Spanish set top box? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.