Five HD launched on Sky HD today.

The RTL-owned channel had previously shunned the offer of capacity on the UK terrestrial platform Freeview HD. Five, the last of the UK legacy broadcasters to launch a high definition channel, will broadcast a simulcast of its main channel featuring a mix of US drama and UK-originated series.

Charles Constable, Five’s Director of Strategy, said: “We broadcast so many high quality series shot in HD, such as Don’t Stop Believing and our line-up of great US dramas, so our schedule is really suited to fantastic picture quality. Five HD is a great addition to our channel portfolio.”

Five will be showing some moves in HD during July, not many are actually in HD but will be upscaled.

Romeo Must Die 15/07/10 (HD)
Superman 2 18/07/10 (HD)
The Wedding Singer 18/07/10 (Upscaled)
Finding Nemo 18/07/10 (HD)
Not Another Teen Movie 18/07/10 (Upscaled)
The Jackal 19/07/10 (Upscaled)
Quicksand 22/07/10 (Upscaled)
Police Academy 3: Back in Training 24/07/10 (Upscaled)
The Karate Kid, Part II 25/07/10 (Upscaled)
Moulin Rouge! 25/07/10 (Upscaled)
Panic Room 26/07/10 (Upscaled)
Flatliners 26/07/10 (Upscaled)

Five HD recption in Costa Blanca Spain should be good, as it is transmitted on frequency 12266 H - on Astra 2a south beam.