Sky Italia, the Italian satellite platform, has recenly started to test new encryption coding provided by NDS.

NDS4 / Videoguard 4 is expected to help stop cardsharing of the Sky Italia viewing cads.

Cardsharing and cardsharing networks are becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon, and pay TV comp[anies are always tryting to stop these networks, that allow one viewing card to be shared with other users via the internet.

Sky Italia is available in Italy from satellite position 13 East Hotbird.

If successful expect the NDS4 / Videoguard 4 to be implimented across other Sky services, including Sky UK and Sky Germany.

However, for the moment, no one knows when it will implement the new encryption system

Sky Italia Data stream data

EMM: ID CA: 0×0919 VideoGuard (NDS) -> CA PID: 0x012D -> NDS2 EMM: CA ID: 0 × 0919 VideoGuard (NDS) -> CA PID: 0x012D -> NDS2
EMM: ID CA: VideoGuard 0x093B (NDS) -> CA PID: 0x012D -> NDS3 EMM: CA ID: 0x093B Videoguard (NDS) -> CA PID: 0x012D -> NDS3
EMM: CA ID: VideoGuard 0x09CD (NDS) -> CA PID: 0x012D -> NDS4 EMM: CA ID: 0x09CD VideoGuard (NDS) -> CA PID: 0x012D -> NDS4