This happens twice a year.

In the morning between 10am and 11am, you may well be losing signals, especailly on the weaker BBC and ITV channels, for about 10 minutes.

This is normal - or rather there is little we can do about this.

It is a solar outage.

Basically, the sub is directly in line with the satellites and the earth, and its solar energy "swamps" the satellites, and knocks out those weaker signals, especially those frequencies on Astra 2d.

If you look on your prime focus dish at around this time you can monitor this your self, as you will see the shadow of the LNB in the middle of the dish. This is when the sun is swamping the satellite the most. As you see the shadow move away from the dish the signals will reappear.

Like i said this only happens twice a year, for about 7 to 10 days around 10am to 11am.