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Thread: Will my digi box work ?

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    Will my digi box work ?

    Whilst recently over in the uk I purchased a Hitatchi digital TV recorder incorporating Freeview...model HDR165
    When I coupled it up to my Sat Dish it wouldnt find any channels ?

    Also when I tred to play programs to my TV, recorded in the UK I only got picture and no sound ?

    can these problems be resolved.

    Thank you

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    Freeview is the UK terrestrial TV system. It receives its signals via a TV aerial.
    So it is correct that if you connect a Freeview receiver to a satellite dish it will not find channels, as they are two completely different systems.
    You needs a digital satellite receiver if you want to watch satellite channels.

    Normally, having picture and no sound, or vidce verssa, usually mean the SCART cables between the unoit and TV are not correctly inserted, or the cables themselves are damaged. Try another SCART cable, make sure that they are inserted correctly, and do not damage any on the PINS by forcing the SCART cables.
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