A few forums around the torrevieja area are reporting problems with their Solaris rebroadcasting system.
They have no TV signals.
This may be due to reports of the Guardia visiting their premesis and removing transmitters and equipment.
I can only assume this is due to them rebroadcasting channels without the required permissions from the channel owners.
One poster said "Today Solaris has been shut down for not paying rights to re-broadcast pay to view channels."
This must surely be worrying times ( ) for all those rebroadcasters that continue to transmit sky pay tv channels, which we know you cannot rebroadcsat without skys agreements and contracts - which sky are very very unlikey to agree to!
As far as i know (although I could be wrong!) there is still one (Moriaria Digital) in my area that, although they do not advertise it, still shows sky pay tv channels (including the premium sky sports). It can only be a matter of time before the Guardia catch up to them and either get them to stop rebroadcasting pay tv channels without permission or close them down totally.
We shall wait and see.