STRONG WINDS fanned the flames of a major Marina Alta fire as firefighters battled for more than three hours to bring the blaze under control.
Tinder dry trees and undergrowth were engulfed in the fire on rural land to the rear of Javea’s Arenal on Tuesday afternoon.

As a precaution, 300 people were evacuated from nearby Camping Naranjal as the fire was contained in 40,000 square metres of land.
And firemen, supported by a helicopter dropping tons of water and specialist forest fire experts, halted the spread of the flames on the perimeter of the town’s new paintball arena in Calle Bruselas and just a road’s width from apartment blocks and Arenal School.

Residents voluntarily left their homes and used garden hoses to dampen hedges and help protect property.

The affected area is home to abandoned citrus groves and vines and full of weeds and scrub. Such was the heat, branches of evergreens appeared to explode into flames.

A pall of smoke rose high over the Javea – dropping cinders and ash as far away as the resort’s beaches and Old Town – and police struggled to control spectators drawn to view the drama unfold.
An investigation has been launched into the cause of the blaze. It is the fourth time in a month fire has broken out in the area.
And while there were no obvious signs the fire was deliberately set, the charred area is listed as protected from building in the new General Plan.

source:- Round Town News _