This recently was printed in a local newspaper, which has been the cause of many confused people contacting me about possible reception issues.

Channel Five
The Satellite Astra 2c will be moving from its present position at 28.2° to 31.5°. The good news is that its only occupant, Channel Five plus Fiver, Fiver+1, Five USA and Five USA+1, have been relocated to Astra 2a. This Satellite has a very strong signal and this means that Channel Five and its associate programs will be available on small dishes (80 cm). Owners of big dishes (1.8 m plus) will not notice any difference but viewers with Sky boxes using 1.3 m dishes and smaller will have the channel 24/7. Five remains an encrypted
channel and requires a Skybox with a free to view card. There is no need to move your dish and the Sky boxes and freesat boxes will automatically update this change.
Given the amount of phone calls I have received since this article was published, with many people asking if they will be loosing Five, or if they need their dish realigned or if they will need another dish (as suggested in previous articles) I think I should point out that:

All UK TV channels will continue to be transmitted from the satellites based at 28.2 to 28.5 degrees. You do not have to have your dish aligned to those satellites at 31.5degrees.

You do not need other dishes installed to continue receiving Five.

Your Sky box should automatically update itself with the new frequencies (it may need a reboot though)

The article is confusing in saying "viewers with Sky boxes using 1.3 m dishes and smaller will have the channel 24/7." as both old and new frequencies have been and will be easily available on an 80cm dish. They have been available on an 80cm dish for the past few years.

And to answer questions I have been asked, this is NOT Astra reducing the footprints of all satellites and therefore reducing the reception for all UK TV channels...and no this does not affect BBC or ITV.All astra are doing is moving one of the 5 UK TV satellite to another location that requires it services. A new satellite will be launched later in 2009 populate this "vacated UK TV slot".

Hope this helps clarify a few misunderstandings caused by this article.