Sky UK Have recently tested tghe transmission of 3D TV.
Sky’s live 3D transmission took place at London’s Abbey Road studios as part of a three-screen 3D event that involved:
o Sky broadcasting a simulcast of a Keane live gig and transmitting it over a high definition satellite transponder and displaying the event on a 46 inch high definition 3D TV screen. The VIP audience were able to view the full live Sky transmission in the Abbey Road studio next door to the live gig.
o A live test broadcast via a satellite downlink to a Vue cinema kitted out with 3D equipment.

Using polarisation technology, this is the first time a live event has been broadcast to a domestic 3D TV screen in the UK. The content was delivered using Sky’s digital satellite broadcast platform and existing Sky+HD infrastructure (including cameras, transmission facilities and satellite uplink / downlink). Playback, via a Hyundai ‘3D Ready’ TV, was direct from a standard Sky+HD set-top box.

Sky again stressed the demo did not represent a launch, nor even a planned launch, given that there’s much still to be done. However, Gerry O’Sullivan, Sky’s Director of Strategic Product Development, said: “Being able to broadcast a live event in 3D is a real breakthrough as previous demonstrations have relied on recorded material. This is the first time we’ve broadcast a live event in 3D over satellite and it shows the significant progress we’re making with our research and development activity.”

Aparently th equipment used was a normal Sky HD Receiver, and the viewers wore special glasses, although not the old style Łd glasses with the red and blue / green tints, but new specially adapted viewing glasses.