What's it about?

The Telegraph is giving away three free copies of a magazine of your choice to download digitally. These are the same as what you'd buy in the shops, where their prices range between £2 and £4.90 each. Here's the full list:

Cosmo Bride
Harper's Bazaar
Prima Baby
You and Your Wedding
Good Housekeeping
Country Living
Men's Health
Runner's World
House Beautiful

You'll need to download a special viewer to read them but it's free. Though depending on your internet speed it can take a while to download each magazine, so bear that in mind.

How do I get them?

Simply go to Magazinesondemand.co.uk and pick up to three mags of your choice by clicking on each, selecting "single issues". You can only get this month's magazines (ie what ever is there at the time you sign up). You can't sign up for one now, and then get another tomorrow as the promotion code can only be used once.

When going through the online checkout enter the free code "3FREEMAG". You won't need to enter any card details. The confirmation page will provide a link to download the special 'Delivery Manager' software you'll need to install, which is basically a fancy way of browsing the magazines and getting them onto your computer.

Once you've got the copies you can read them whenever you like, plus move them to another computer, or send them to a friend via email or a USB memory key. Or you could print them; but they're pretty lengthy mags so it'd be much more environmentally friendly to just print the relevant articles.

The offer ends 31 May 2009.

What's that about The Lady magazine?

The Telegraph's also offering four free printed copies of weekly magazine The Lady. To get them just fill in the form online form on the Telegraph website or call 0800 917 0006 for free.

Anything else?

There's no obligation to buy any more magazines after you've downloaded them, though if you want to, each costs the same as it would on the news-stands. Read the Magazine Offers thread for more ways to get cheap and free glossies.

Both PC and MAC users should be able take advantage of the freebie. Here are full details of compatible operating systems and browers if you have any problems.

Terms and Conditions

From http://www.magazinesondemand.co.uk/digital/telegraph/
1. You must register and provide a valid email address
2. No obligation to purchase further magazines on registration
3. The offer can only be used once.

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