According to reports, soccer pay-TV channel Gol TV will be on pay-DTT from the start of the next soccer season in August, GOL TV owner Spanish producer Mediapro, owner of the laSexta channel, has said today.

Gol TV is currently distributed only through Spain’s pay TV operators but Mediapro wants wider distribution. Moving GOL TV onto TDT wil mean that lasextas secoind channels Hogar 10 will be replace with Gol TV.

The service is expected to be available via TDT, but on a pay basis. Pay TDT has reexcntly been announce tby the Spanish Government, with a law expected shortly.

Not everyone will have to buy a new TDT refciver cablable of reading a Pay TDT card. Some new TVs have PCMCIA slots capable of reading such cards.

Gol TV will broadcast matches from the Spain’s Primera Liga, Champions League and is expected to broadcast games from other leagues such as the English Premier League or the French League, maybe not live but on a delayed basis.