Sky has confirmed plans to relaunch the Sky Movies Christmas Channel for the festive season

Viewers will, like last year, beable to vote on what films they'd like to see.

From December 1, Sky Movies Showcase at position 303 on Sky's programming guide will be temporarily rebranded as the Sky Movies Christmas Channel. A high definition version of the channel, which was first launched last Christmas, will be available at position 314.

Throughout December, the Christmas Channel will air a series of box sets, including a Tom Hanks selection, Family Classics, Vampires and Animation. Many of the box sets will also be available to watch through the Sky Anytime service.

Sky Movies viewers have been invited to vote for the movies that they most want to see on Christmas and Boxing Day, including options for classic films such as Breakfast At Tiffany's or contemporary favourites like The Hangover.

A random selection of voters will get the chance to dedicate a special Christmas Day message before their chosen film is broadcast.

Also during the Christmas period, the Sky Movies Premiere channel will give TV premieres to James Cameron's Avatar, Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland and Sherlock Holmes.

"Sky Movies is an embarrassment of riches this Christmas - we're thrilled that we're able to bring our customers such a spectacular festive offering," said Ian Lewis, director of Sky Movies and Sky Box Office.

"The success of Sky Movies Christmas Channel last year highlighted just how dear to people's hearts films are - we know that in some cases it's the only chance that families can enjoy a film together.

"We're running the spectrum from epic, modern blockbusters like Avatar to the Christmas favourites such as It's A Wonderful Life to make sure that all tastes are catered for - but there's always Anytime in case fighting over the remote control gets out of hand!"