I currently own a home in Gran Alacant (GA) near the airport south of Alicante. In 2002 when I took delivery of the house I had a offset 1.2 m (made by C.M. I believe) dish installed which at the time was sized to receive Astra 2a,to 2c. When BBC moved to Astra 2D in 2004 it left me with only channel 4 and 5 to watch and other north/ south beams channels. Since that time I have upgraded the dish with Invercom (4 channel) LNB and Pace 2600c1 receiver and this upgrade does allow very limited BBC/ ITV programs to be watched at certain times of the year and certain times of the day.

I realise that to get BBC and ITV then I need a larger dish, but I do want to stay with offset dish and wall mounted. My current dish has a 3" pole mount, it is in a very sheltered corner of my property (from wind) so does not get effected by weather.

So my question is what is the mamimum size of offset dish that can be wall mounted ( 1.8 m?) and will upgrading to a 1.8 m dish help me get BBC and ITV on a more consistant basis. What is the best offset dish manufacturer and what does a 1.8 m dish cost in Spain. I dont need a LNB or receiver just a dish upgrade. I can even re-use the 3 " wall mount if the new dish is same size pole fixing.

Thanks in advance: terence