According to various reports TVEi was removed from the Sky EPG (programme guide) around a week ago due to issues with the information they were (or were not) providing for the EPG. provision of accurate EPG data is one of the requirements for the EPG inclusion contract. reports are that TVEi was not keeping the data upto date or even providing correct times for programmes...and neither side is really taking responsibilty for it and blaming each other.

which we should know is normal on spanish terrestrial tv, with programmes often starting 10 minutes before or after their published times!

TVEi is still broadcasting, it is still encrypted (you need a sky viewing card and appropriate sky subscription mix), but as it is currently off the EPG you will need to add it to your "other channels" listings as per the frequency details below. Until it does appear on the EPG again, you will be limited to basic now and next programme information. you cannot sky+ channels on the "other channels" list.

find channels
select tvei
yellow button (puts tick next to selected channel)

tve will be in your other channels list

TVEi is available on some other satellites, like Astra 19 (10818 V 22 5/6) and Hispasat 30w (11972v 27500 2/3 for free and with no viewing card required.

hope this helps