Digital Terrestrial Television (TDT in Spain) providers will have to change the frequencies before January 1, 2015.

Users will also be required to re-tune and adjust their TV reception systems and probably community TV distribution systems, although not required to install new decoders and antennas.

This was stated by the Deputy Director General of Planning and Spectrum Management, Ministry of Industry and Tourism, Antonio Fernandez Paniagua.

The frequency change will not be done overnight and for a time two transmission frequencies for each channel on TDT in Spain will coexist in order to have time to adapt.

The Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce will soon make available a calendar of the process, which has to be completed by January 1, 2015, although the intention of the Ministry is to bring forward that date and carry out an information campaign among citizens.

This change will release part of the airwaves for wireless broadband is to "break the digital divide so that access to high speed internet also reach those in isolated rural areas", explained the Industry Ministry official