The town of Gandía, in Valencia, is laying on a wide range of cultural events to mark the anniversary of the first saint to come from one of the most important families in Valencia’s history, the patron saint of the city, and Chief Minister of Emperor Charles V of Spain.

Visitors can enjoy a whole host of activities all year round on the occasion of this important event. Highlights of the musical programme include “Polisònic: Gandía International Music Festival”, a concert by the Orfeó Borja choir, the concert entitled Visitatio Sepulchri en Jazz by the Big Band Centenari and “La Mar de Músiques” (sea of music) festival. Street theatre, art and philatelic exhibitions, gastronomic events and a literary week are just a few of the options on offer in this programme.

THE POLISÒNIC (Gandia’s International Music Festival), is one of the most important cultural events in the city of Gandia and one of the most prestigious music festivals throughout the Valencian Community.

On Tuesday 3rd August, 14 international music groups will meet in the splendid garden of the Casa de Cultura de Gandia, to offer a compelling display of different musical styles: blues, jazz, flamenco, Cuban music, African and Irish.

Admission will be free.

Polisónic XX International Music Festival Gandia
3rd to 20th August: GARDEN OF the Casa De Cultura Marques De Gonzalez De Quiros

Free Admission: Concerts at 22.30

TUESDAY 3RD: Krokodillos
Fun to the rhythm of New Orleans. Originally from St. Petersburg, Krokodillos is formed by musicians from England, Japan, Australia and Russia. These five virtuosos interpret the energetic music of New Orleans in the 20s, with its own style full of swing and an enjoyable show. Krokodillos gigs are always a guarantee of entertainment and happiness, thanks to their rhythmic, positive and contagious music.

Mikha Violin (banjo, vocals), Julian Aymí (clarinet), Jay Wallis (trumpet), Chiaki Mawatari (tuba), Martí Elias (washboard)

The most powerful rhythm and blues. American saxophonist Lou Marini is known as one of the founding members of The Blues Brothers Band. He has recorded albums with Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder and Frank Zappa among others, and has played with bands like The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith.

Red House is the result of long experience and friendship between Francisco Simon and Jeff Espinoza, giving as result an excellent rhythm & blues band and, for many years, musically accompanied the TV show ‘Caiga quien caiga’.

Jeff Espinoza (guitar, vocals); Francisco Simón (guitar); Manuel Bagüés (bass); Carlos Sánchez (drums); Lou Marini (sax; vocals).

THURSDAY 5TH : Äl Jawala
Balkan music: The proposal prepared by the German group Äl Jawala is a fusion of traditional Balkan music and rhythms of urban culture. Oriental music combined with funky and traditional melodies with festive, effervescent and danceable rhythms. Winners in 2007 of the first prize in the German-Créole Awards dedicated to ethnic music, Äl Jawala now presents its new album entitled ‘Asphalt Pirate Radio’.

Daniel Pellegrini (drums, didgeridoo, piano); Markus Schumacher (percussion); Daniel Verdier (bass); Krischan Lukanow (sax); Steffi Schimmer (sax)

FRIDAY 6TH: The Art Tango Ensemble
The sensuality of tango. The Art Tango Ensemble is formed by international soloists seduced by the musical language of Gardel and Piazzolla. The show presented, entitled Pasión Carnal, arises from the concern of the prestigious violinist Joaquin Palomares and Argentine maestro Orlando di Bello, managing to merge the classic concept with tango arrabalero. A show that will, in addition, benefit from the participation of Matías and Magda, subchampion dance partner of the world.

Joaquín Palomares (violín, director); Katalin Petrik (violin); Herwig Coryn (cello); Serafín Rubens (bass); Orlando di Bello (bandoneon); Michel Wagemans (piano); Matías i Magda (dancers)

SATURDAY 7TH: Oncle Strongle
Garage Swing: Formed in 2003, the French Oncle Strongle are, by definition and by vocation, a live band. With a 1930-ish look, the Strongle are able to play a funny movie on stage, with a style of an undeniable musical personality, which combines mambo; Eastern europe music or Rock'n 'Roll; adapting classic and jazz standards; and always with the presence of the contagious rhythm of swing.

Nicolas Vezzoni (trumpet, vocals); Benjamin Vezzoni (sax, vocals); Gilles Stroch (clarinet, sax); Sebastien Tournie (banjo, guitar, vocals); Guillaume Gendre (double bass); Loris Pertoldi (drums).

TUESDAY 10TH: Jerez-Texas
On the frontiers of flamenco: Jerez-Texas’s offer is not easy to classify. Flamenco, jazz and classical music are, in essence, the three pillars on which rests the style of Jerez-Texas and in these are always present Mediterranean musical aromas. ‘Sun’ is the title of his latest album and where better to demonstrate the creative universe and the acoustic textures of a group that has performed more than 400 concerts worldwide.

Matthieu Saglio (cello); Ricardo Esteve (flamenco guitar); David Pastor (trumpet); Jesús Gimeno (drums, percussion); Isabel Julve (vocals, dance).