On 11 January 2011, ITV1+1 will launch in England & Wales, STV+1 in Scotland and UTV1+1 in Northern Ireland. To receive the new channel, you may need to re-tune your Freeview TV or box after 2pm on 11 January 2011.

Retuning advice is available at www.tvretune.co.uk or by calling ITV on 0844 881 4150.

To make way for the new ITV1+1 channel, ITV2+1 is being moved to a new multiplex on Freeview and will change from a 24 hour channel to a part-time channel, broadcast between 19:00-04:00 daily.

This means that in England and Wales, ITV2+1 will disappear from channel number 33 and ITV1+1 will appear. Re-tuning will return ITV2+1 at channel number 27 and update the description on channel number 33 to read ‘ITV1+1’.

If you receive your Freeview service from a relay transmitter and live in a region which has completed digital switchover, ITV1+1 will replace your current ITV2+1 channel.

Source: Freeview

Remember: you cannot receive Freeview in Spain, no matter what people say. UK Freeview is a UK only digital TV servicew, accessed by a TV aerial. Those signals are transmitted from land based transmitters, whose reach is not powerful enough to reach Spain!