A RIOT broke out when police tried to arrest an illegal sub-Saharan vendor on Gandia beach (Valencia, Costa Blanca).

About 200 residents, tourists and vendors clashed with the police officers, in the evening on the Paseo Neptuno (near the Coco-Loco disco) which is one of the most popular areas for the sub-Saharan vendors.

"These guys don't harm anyone, while out there delinquents roam around free and you do nothing to catch them," shouted the crowd as they hindered the arrest.

Local police went up to one of the hawkers to confiscate the false clothes when the vendor decided to stand up to them.
Other vendors and their ‘minders' joined the fray that then attracted groups of passers-by and tourists who insulted the officers and repeated that the vendors ‘had not been doing anything wrong'.

The most aggressive supporters even started kicking and scratching the officers who were forced to use tear gas in their defence. Police vehicles were also damaged, with lights broken and tyres punctured.

Local officers then called for backup from the national police and the Guardia Civil to sort out the riot. More than 15 police vehicles finally arrived at the scene and the vendor was arrested.

Police spokesmen stressed that unlicensed hawking is a crime and that when officers confiscate false goods and arrest

From various local news sources.