A number of times I get asked:

What is the frequency for Sky Atlantic on Freesat?
What is the frequencyfor Dave on Freesat?
What is the frequency for Sky Sports on Freesat?

The answer is always the same.
You cannot receive these channels on Freesat.
Freesat is a free to air TV system.
Free to air TV are TV channels that are available for free, with no subscription and no viewing card.

The channels mentions, Sky Atlantic, Sky Sports and Dave, are all part of the Sky subscription service, and require a Sky card and a Sky box. They are not available on Freesat.

However, some channels that are PAY on satellite, are on Freeview, like Dave and History. Freeview is a UK only TV service, available to UK homes via a TV aerial. Freeview IS NOT available in Spain.