Well the frequencies used for Sky TV in Spain and Freesat TV in Spain are exactly the same as if you were watching Sky TV and Freesat TV in the UK.

Just because you are using a Sky box, or other satellite receiver, in another country does not mean the frequency used for receving UK TV are different.

However because of the weakness of some of the signals, you may have to help the Sky box boot up.

See http://www.satandpcguy.com/Site/sky_...anca_spain.php for details as to help your Sky box boot up.

Sometimes, due to the many regional versions of some channels like BBC and ITV, you may find that some BBC ITV Chanenl Four and Five channels are on stronger signals than others. In some cases you wil have to add these "extra and secret" channels to your Sky box as you may not have them listed on your Sky EPG / Channel number list

See http://www.satandpcguy.com/forum/sho...-For-Sky-boxes