According to reports as from 2 October 2009 TVEi will no longer be available on the Sky platform. ... 4885.shtml

"Babelfish translation

Changes in the parameters of satellite emission 02.10.2009TVE the International informs that from the 1 of October of 2009 the signal of the Channel will not be received the International of the TVE through satellite in Ireland and the United Kingdom. RTVE wants to confirm to them that the Channel the International of the TVE will be continued emitting in open through satellite contracted by RTVE, Eutelsat Hot IBRD 8, and will be accessible free for any individual home that has satellite dish and a standard digital receiver to free channels. The parameters with which a parabolic one to the satellite can be oriented are in our Web in the following connection: Also, through we will inform precise into the advances in the negotiation with the possible platforms. "

The channel is stall available for free on Astra 1 and Hotbird.

On a non-Sky box, and tuning manually on a Sky box, there is still something there on 11469H 27500 2/3 and appears as encrypted (I don't have a Sky sub)