A few months ago I posted about this issue on some other forums and got shot down, however, recent reports say that Sky Italia, who use the same NDS encryption as Sky UK have recently changed their encryption algorithm in an attempt to restrict the use of their viewing cards in non sky boxes, and to stop the card sharing networks using their system.

Many card sharing networks are reporting having problems in the last few days, just after it was noticed the changein the encryption algorithm.

It is speculated that this change in encryption algorithm will also cause issues with using the Sky Italia viewing cards cards in non sky italia boxes. This is as the software in the non sky italia boxes, like the darkbox and dreamboxes, have not yet been updated for this change in encryption algorithm, and it may be some time before this happens. Again, i say this is speculation and I have not seen actual confirmation about this yet.

So, lets hope Sky UK do not do the same and change their encryption algorithm as well as many people may be stuck in not being able to use their sky viewing card in their nonsky UK boxes.