As expected, the test transmissions of Antena 3 Nitro started this morning at about 8:00 am.

Antena 3 Nitro is a new channel from Antena 3 on the TDT Digital Terrestrial system in Spain.

In many areas it is availabl eon old analogue frequencies, so in many cases exisitng equipment for communities may not have to be changed. FOr other a simple rescan on you r TDT receiver will suffice.

It is available in Madrid, Valencia and Gran Canaria, and then, from the 23rd August, the rest of Spain

Antena 3 Nitro is currently available on the following multiplexes / frequencies for the following areas:

Madrid: 49

Alicante: 53

Las Palmas: 38

Gandia: 43

Pontevedra: 28 and 43

Barcelona: 34

Burgos: 31

Cantabria: 39

Zaragoza: 22

Valencia: 43

Navarra: 55

Palencia: 48

Jaén: 32

Toledo: 47

Tarragona: 47

Ciudad Real: 54