Sky has announced that all Sky+ HD customers with set top boxes manufactured by Samsung will get the new electronic programme guide in the "next two weeks".

The new EPG started rolling out to Sky+ HD boxes on March 10. Systems manufactured by Thomson were the first to receive the update.

Subscribers with boxes produced by Pace were next to get the upgrade throughout April.

At the start of last month, Sky started contacting the 30,000 Sky+ HD customers with Samsung boxes about the process for them obtaining the new EPG.

A Sky spokesperson said that all Samsung HD boxes will be migrated to the new guide over the next few weeks, before the team moves on to receivers manufactured by Amstrad.

"Not only do all those customers with Thomson and Pace Sky+ HD boxes now have the new Sky+ HD guide, but over the course of the next two weeks we'll also migrate all remaining Samsung HD boxes too," said the representative.

"Once this is successfully completed, we will then move on to the Amstrad boxes. As always, we thank all customers for their patience and positive feedback so far."