Nothing major - just another company to confuse your reception of UK TV in Spain!

It appears that certain receivers (Fortec Star receivers) are to have an EPG and software update that will allow the reception of the freetoair channels, and also have the ability for a viewing card for some form of Pay as You Go subscription service.

It is called Real Digital TV.

Reports suggest that you will also require a viewing card for access to the 7 day EPG, although a limited EPG will be available for free.

The proposed platform is being supported by Fortec Star (an appropriate marriage, perhaps) and is supposed to be able to offer what hitherto are wholly unspecified additional features over and above Freesat

Rapture TV, the recently failed broadcaster, appears to be closely connected to this venture and is promoting it on other Forums.

Note that Freesat and Sky alrady have EPGs that allow access tot he Free to air BBC and ITV UK TV channels.

The system will work on a dish currently set up for Freesat and Sky. You will also still need a "big dish" for reception of channels on the system, as it will be using the same frequencies for channels as Sky and Freesat currently do.