Phase 2 of Spains analogue TV Services will happen on the 31st December 2009.

Most of Spain is covered by Phase 2.

The swicth off is part of the European Wide switch from old inefficient and poor quality analogue systems. (1 analogue frequency can carry only 1 digital frequency can carry about 6 high quality digital channels!)

If you wish to continue receiving Spanish TV, then you will need to go DIGITAL.

The Spanish Digital Terrestrial TV System is TDT - Television Digital Terrestre.

This is the equivilent of the UKs Freeview service - ie digital TV via a TV aerial.

You will require an TV aerial / antennae configured for digital tv signal, an amplifer and power supply, and a digital terrestrial tuner (either a set top box or a TV with a digital tuner built in).

Most apartment and communties have already made the switch, however many are still yet to be converted....and some Spanish installers are expecting to be busy at the end of December and beginning of January, as people are left with no TV over the Festive period.

So to ensure your continous viewing of Spanish TV.....Go Digital....