It looks like that, as from today, the TTon4 channel is no longer available. Many people will have lost access to TTon4 and are no longer be able to use this channel to watch Channel 4.

In the Costa Blanca area, many people used TTon4 to view Channel 4, which was useful for people who used to use this to watch Channel 4 on Freesat receivers, as the main Channel 4 frequency has limited reception in the Costa Blanca Spain.

This was helpd by the fact that it could be viewed for free, without a Sky card, and on a small satellite dish.

As I have mentioned in the past, this TTon4 channel was a left over test signal, which could be removed and lost at any time, and it now appears that C4 have now removed this and so it has disappeared from the "Other Channels" list.

However, the Irish Channel 4 variations on 12480 V 27,500 2/3 are still currently available, with a FSFS or Subscription viewing card from SKY! The questions is...for how long....