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    ITV Electronic Program Guide


    Over the last few days I find I have lost the EPG for ITV1 Granada, ITV2 and ITV4. I have also lost it for several other ITV regional programmes. The signal for all these programmes comes from the same transponder. Other ITV programmes, from other transponders, (e.g ITV3), are not affected. I have successfully reinstalled all affected channels but the problem is not resolved by doing so. Curiously, when it gets to mid evening the EPG for all channels starts to work again.

    I have never had any problems like this before. Any idea what is happening or how to cure it?



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    I noticed this yesterday, so it looks ike an ITV EPG data problem rather than anything on individual systems.
    My ITV2 EPG was stuck on the programme that started at 1030am...even when i checked later in the day (4pm) it was showing the programm that started in the morning and with a running time of like 500plus minutes.
    All seems to be back to normal today.
    I dont thnk there is anything WE can do about seam to be more at ITVs end.
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