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Thread: Sky Digibox - Forced Software Update

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    Sky Digibox - Forced Software Update

    I have recently acquired an old Pace 2600 Digibox which has Version 3.3 Software and I want to force an update, but my signal on the default Frequency (11.778) is not very strong at any time. Can I use another frequency, such as 12.207 or 12.129 or is the default frequency the only one that transmits the updates?

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    Re: Sky Digibox - Forced Software Update

    Hello and welcome.

    The updates are on 11778.
    But when they do an automatic update they send the signals over a spread of frequencies.
    Best to do the manual update when 11778 is at its strongest - early am or late at night.

    Even now (9am) I am getting 11778 on an 80cm dish (Gandia) - so if you have a bigger dish (like a 1.8m dish) and not getting the 11778 frequency then it may need realigning, as evemn on a 1.8m dish you should receive 11778 for pretty much all day (maybe not at its weakest time of 4-5pm)

    But Pace 2600 updates can take a while - i did one recently and gave up manual updates and just left it turned onto Sky news and after 3 weeks it updated utomatically.....the updates are not always available for all boxes at all times so you may be waiting for a while to do a manula update.
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