According to newspaper El Público, the pay-DTT operator led by Mediapro has decided what it will offer.

Content will include a variety of top quality programming, with Mediapro's president Jaume Roures saying the operator will be offering a bouquet of between four and eight channels. Together, they won't cost any more than between €20 and €25 a month.

The new pay-TV operator will offer among others good American films, good TV series, a children's channel (apparently Disney Channel according to market sources) and Mediapro's pay-DTT sporting channel Gol TV, which already operates on the DTT platform.

You can currently subscribe to GolTV for about 15 euros a month, so for an extra 5 euros a month you will have access to these other channels.

It will be a shame to lose Disney Channel on TDT to Premium TDT as many English parents like this channels for their children as it is one of the few channels what offer programming for children in English.

Roures added that "analogue switch off happening next April 3 will allow us to offer exclusive TV products which will be more convenient for the viewers and will reach all the homes - something the satellite, cable or DSL technologies can't do due to their prices.”