Loss of UK TV BBC ITV Astra 2d "Sky TV" signals in Spain in the mornings

For about 10 minutes a day, there will be a temporary loss of the UK TV channel frequencies via the Astra 2D satellite for about 10 or 15 minutes a day.

This will normally be happening at around 11 am CET.

This is beacuse the Astra 2D satellite, that carries BBC and ITV channels, is directly in line with the sun. It is assumed that he suns energy swamps the signals from the "weaker beamed" Astra 2D satellite, resulting in a loss of BBC ITV Channel 4 channels in Spain for this short amount of time.

This happens twice a year. There are two times in the year when the sun, Astra 2d and the earth are in alignment and the sun causes this drop out in signal. It happens early March and in October.