Spain's laSexta, the broadcaster owned by Mediapro, has already designed 80% of its new pay-TV operator and its new free-to-air channel both on DTT.

The new pay-TV operator will be launched on April 2 when the country’s digital-terrestrial multiplexes are redistributed among all the broadcasters and laSexta receives a complete one following analogue switch off. With the arrival of total digital TV in Spain, laSexta's management hopes to gain share in order to reach between 8% and 9% by 2013.

LaSexta will launch its second free-to-air channel at the end of the present year according to José Miguel Contreras the broadcaster's CEO (left). The new channel is aready designed and prepared to be launched.

As for the broadcaster's pay-DTT operator, José Miguel Contreras declared new channels are on the way to join existing soccer channel Gol TV which already has more than 1 million subscribers (although most, some 900,000, belonging to satellite and DSL TV operators not on DTT).