Digital TV still not reaching all areas

BENIDORM - Analogue television in the Valencia Region is due to be switched off on April 3. In some areas of the Marina Baja it has been revealed that there will be no digital signal, despite promises from regional government that this problem would be solved in time.

Last week six new transmitters were switched on however this did not help people who are living in Rincon de Loix in Benidorm or those who live in Villajoyosa. The main transmitter for the Marina Baja is on the Aitana but it is not making a strong enough signal for the whole region. If the problem is not resolved soon many will be left without a TV signal.

The first phase of the change over happened in June 2009 and the second phase which affected 228 towns in the Valencia region took place in December 2009.The third phase is now meant to be almost complete. The Mayor of Benidorm has been assured that two more transmitters are being set up and that these two would ensure that all of Benidorm would receive signal. However with just days to go the problem has not been resolved.