Sky Software Update (March 2010)

Standard Sky receivers have recently receive a new software version.

Version 3.8.8 has been deployed in the last week of March 2010.

This replaces the previous version of 3.7.6.

The latest operating system version is 1.2S4FM and EPG software version is 3.8.8.ns (March 2010). This firmware version is for a Pace Digibox, (non Sky +) after the latest Digibox software update.

There are some reports that the new update has been causing some boxes to randomly crash and require are boot.

The EPG software (3.8.8) looks to have updated nothing more than updating various phone numbers and the System HealthCheck functionality and changing the wording of "digibox" to "Sky Box". It has been said by various sources that it would also update functionality " to prepare for future pay-tv fraud prevention..."

This maybe this is part of the encryption update that stops the new white sky cards from working in non Sky boxes like Darkboxes...which is another warning about buying Darkboxes and nonsky boxes for use with a Sky card on the Costa Blnca