On April 2nd Spain’s national analogue switch off took place. This means the country's 46 million inhabitants are no longer able to view analogue terrestrial television any longer. But as many people haven't adapted their collective antennas or have yet to buy a DTT box they're rushing to the shops and phoning installers to do the work. This situation is similar to that of the arrival of private TV channels in this country some 12 years ago when the installers couldn't cope with all the work. Apart from that now it's time to develop quality contents because most of the strictly digital channels offer old or low quality programming.

For the moment there's only one pay-DTT channel covering sport with Mediapro's Gol TV with already more than 1 million subscribers. Most of the rest belong to other pay-TV operators such as Sogecable's satellite pay-TV operator Digital+ or Telefónica's DSL pay-TV operator Imagenio. So in reality pay-DTT only attracts a small number of clients to date.