Channel 4 is offering viewers election-night coverage with an entertainment twist that includes a politics-themed Come Dine with Me special featuring Rod Liddle, Brian Paddick, Edwina Currie and Derek Hatton.

The broadcaster's Alternative Election Night on 6 May will be hosted by David Mitchell and Jimmy Carr, with contributions from Charlie Brooker, and will be a four-hour live event with a studio audience of "comedy enthusiasts of mixed political persuasions".

Election results will be covered as they come in, between politics-themed pre-recorded shows including Fonejacker, You Have Been Watching and Come Dine with Me election specials.

In the run-up to election night, Channel 4 has scheduled more traditional fare including a 90-minute studio discussion hosted by Jon Snow and a Dispatches special called Election Uncovered. The special, fronted by journalist Ben Laurance, will look at issues including how much the election is costing and how the political parties are funding their campaigns.

Channel 4 is positioning its slate of coverage as an alternative to the tightly controlled prime-ministerial debates on ITV, BSkyB and the BBC.

"On the other channels, the party leaders will get to lay out their stall three times over with 76 rules limiting the degree to which they can be interrogated by their opponents, the presenter or the audience," said Dorothy Byrne, head of news and current affairs. "In these two programmes from Channel 4 current affairs we present the election facts none of the main parties wants you to see."