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    Angry Channel 4

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but this is all new to me. We have a 1.9 Dish with a Thompson Receiver and we live in San Miguel de Salinas should we be able to receive Channel 4. If so how? an idiot proof version would be appreciated please. Thank you

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    Re: Channel 4

    C4 is available on a 1.8m dish - reception times vry - where i am i get it from about 5am to 6pm...i think you start to get it in yourarea from about 4ish til late.

    it is on sky channel 104 (c4+1 is on 135)


    if you have a new sky box, or have a power cut, and do not have a SKY CARD inserted in the box, then you will get a red message saying "channel unavilable"

    a sky box currently needs a sky card in the slot for it to "load" c4 (and its variations) into the sky EPG. until it is loaded into the EPG you cannot get 104 on the EPG (the EPG may go 101, 102, 103, 106 - it missed out 105 also!)

    this may cange in the next software update from sky - whenever that may be - but i have tried a few alternative methods of getting these cannels to load and have had some limited success by putting a bank card into the receiver, which triggers the card reader into thinking that a sky card is insertee adn therefore will load C4 into the EPG - note : LIMITED SUCCESS.
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