THE NEW managers of Terra Mítica theme park, Aqualandia-Mundomar, announced this week that the park would be finishing its summer season at the end of September rather than in December and that at least 400 members of staff would be made redundant.

It is believed that the park will close for at least 6 months, with around 400 staff losing their jobs.

A spokesman for the new management team said that it was necessary to close the facility for at least six months so that wide ranging reforms can be carried out.

Those facing the sack also include all of the top managers as well as the current director, Juan José Torres.

The Calendar & Schedules section on the Terra Mitica website does not yet reflect these reported changes to operations.

The official reason provided to workers to advance in late September the closure of the facility, which was originally scheduled for December, is the need to implement a comprehensive reform of Terra Mitica, forcing to close the entire park for at least six months. The closure, therefore, lead including a plan for temporary layoffs affect more than four employees, more than 600 are there in the company. Various sources that had access to this newspaper yesterday reported that although the meeting was provided little information or a list of workers affected by redundancy case, everything points to the same company contemplate the one hand to advance the end of the contract to more than 300 permanent-intermittent and, secondly, to include about 120 permanent workers, within which would also temporarily suspended all contract positions in the complex, including its own director general, Juan Jose Torres. The rest of the squad is completed by workers with temporary contract, which expires at the end of high season.

Sources indicated yesterday by this newspaper yesterday that the explanation provided by the park managers estimated that the renovation work could last for six months between October and April. However, they could not specify if the park will reopen its doors in April or later will, and in view of the summer. From the social side also expressed doubts over whether the complex now reduce their calendar theme for the months of major tourist, as for example in the other two parks of Benidorm which manages the same company, or keep for next winter a timetable similar to that planned for this year, with openings on weekends and holidays from March to December and every day of the high season.