For reception of the main UK TV channels by Sky TV in Gandia or Freesat TV in Gandia ideally a 1.8m satellte dish is required. Ideally, a 2.4m satellite dish would be better, should budget and space be available.

In the Gandia area, and its surrounding towns like Oliva and Denia, I have found that the best satellite dishes for Sky TV in Gandia, Oliva and Denia, are the Portuguese satellite dishes. However there are two manufacturers of satellite dishes in Portugal.

The best performing 1.8m satellite dish for Sky TV in Gandia and surrounding areas, is not the so called "professional" Famaval satellite dish, but the other so called "economical" satellite dish. Both dishes are from Portugal, but I have found that the so called "economy" satellite dish, easily outperforms the so called "professional" Famaval satellite dish.

However, I have found that the best satellite dish for the area is the Famaval 2.4m satellite dish, and not the "Turkish" dish which some companies install.

The local satellite reception knowledge "The Sat and PC Guy" has of the Gandia area, meana that he can advise you as to the best satellite dish, the best satellite receiver and the best TV system for you needs. In fact it may be that your choice of UK satellite TV channel does not actually require a "big satellite dish solution".

We have been installing Sky TV in Gandia for over 7 years and have numerous happy and satisfied clients.