GOL TELEVISION cuts off broadcast signal to 7,438 bars because of improper use
The campaign is part of its normal inspection policy which is currently being carried out around Spain

To date GOL TELEVISION has carried out 7, 438 signal cut-offs to bars and restaurants for improper use. Before proceeding with the cut-offs, GOL TELEVISION contacted all the establishments that had infringed the broadcast policy and provided them with the opportunity to put right the situation. Actions of this type underline the on-going inspections policy that the channel is employing to prevent the illegal of use of the service. In the coming days, GOL TELEVISION will continue to carry out its public broadcast inspection campaign to stop bars from showing the channel illegally.

GOL TELEVISION has a commercial broadcast service for the public transmission of the signal for bars and restaurants etc called GOL BAR. Signing up for the channel via the private individual contract does not permit the public broadcast of the images. The specific channel for public broadcast features an on-screen signal for easy identification which makes it immediately distinguishable from the private user contract. In the event of some decoders not accommodating this symbol, GOL TELEVISION will provide a new set-top box free of charge. The public broadcast centres signed up for GOL BAR and therefore authorised to broadcast the signals in public also display a sticker on the entrance to guarantee and insure that their clients will be able to enjoy uninterrupted GOL TELEVISION broadcasts.

The cuts by region are the following: Catalonia, 1,054; Andalusia, 988; Galicia, 877; Extremadura, 730; Castille and León, 728; Madrid, 660; Valencian Community, 603; Castille La Mancha, 385; Asturias, 286; Murcia, 217; the Balearic Islands, 204; Aragón, 189; Basque Country, 153; Cantabria, 120; Canarias, 125; Navarre, 57; La Rioja, 59; Ceuta and Melilla, 3.

The bars wishing to restore the signal must contact 902 333 601 or visit www.golbares.com.

For all the establishments registered for this service, GOL TELEVISION has launched a magazine GOL BAR, a monthly publication created by the channel and specialising in football which will be sent to all participating bars. The new magazine features a variety of different sections and a preview of the upcoming GOL T programming schedule all with high quality graphics and attractive content from the country’s number one sport.

GOL BAR is distributed via the TDT Premium platform and cable operators, EUSKALTEL, TELECABLE, R and ONO, and IPTV, IMAGENIO. Via the cable operators and ITPV carriers, the public broadcast centres also have available all the matches offered in the PPV format.

The service is currently being seen in more than 25,000 bars around Spain via the different platform IPTV, cable and TDT Premium options.