MBC Media Group started broadcasting a test of seven of its existing programs in high definition televisions (HDTVs). Among them there are also a popular movie channel MBC2 and MBC Action in HD.

MBC to launch HD programmes began using a new transponder on the satellite Nilesat 201 at the orbital position 7 degrees west.

Unfortunately, the signal from this satellite can not be receive on small (like 80cm or 1m) satellite dishes in Spain, unlike those channels on Nilesat 101 which can.

DVB-S2 contains multiple MBC station MBC1 HD HD MBC2, MBC4 HD, MBC Drama, HD, HD MBC Action, MBC Max HD news television Al Arabiya HD. Package operates on the frequency 12.188 GHz, pol H SR 27500, FEC 3 / 4, DVB-S2/8PSK. All stations are due to restrictions on broadcasting rights Conax encrypted system. For high-definition versions of their programs by selling the MBC network to deliver the equipment market. The viewer gets a fee for access to an attractive package of entertainment channel MBC.

The current version of the MBC in SD resolution remain FTA.

So maybe in the future, HD version of the MBC channels will be available on BAdr at 26 east, which is available over most of Spain on an 80cm satellite dish.