Did you know that you can get hundreds of free TV channels through your Sky dish?

You can get these with a Freesat box or Sky box or just about any other free to air digital satellite receiver.


This works in the U.K., Europe, and Ireland

Many free to air TV channels are available for free via your Sky satellite dish including Movies, Sports, Comedy, Drama, HD, Kids, Adults, Family programmes.

All of these channels are available for you to load into your Freesat box for free - you just need to push a few buttons on you remote control.

You can get over 100 more free channels for your Freesat box, that what is officially shown on your Freesat box's Programme guide.

With No card required

Yes - SKY CARD NOT NEEDED - these are all free to air TV channels.

And all available from the four satellites that provide the UK and Ireland with satellite TV.

Using your remote control, via the setup / installation menu options, put your Freesat box into Non Freesat mode and perform a automatic scan!

More channels on Freesat Box

The Freesat box has an Electronic Programme guide. This is the TV channel guide that lists all the channel on the Freesat box. However, not all of the free TV channels available are setup on the Freesat box EPG. For some channels, it is not work paying the money to appear on the Freesat boxes channel list. But, as the Freesat box is basically a free to air receiver, you can, by going into Non Freesat mode, scan all the available frequencies and channels, and receiver over 100 more channels that are available for free, but do not appear on the Freesat boxes TV guide. One such channel is Sky News.

This Non Freesat mode is the only real Freesat Cheat, Freesat Trick or alternate Freesat code available. You do not even need to know what the frequencies are, or buy a satellite TV installation book, as the Freesat box will automatically scan ALL available frequencies.

And, unlike a Sky box, you do not have to input a frequency code into a Freesat box, when you have a power cut. A Freesat box should be able to boot up correctly after a power cut and start to work almost immediately, after the initial download. This is because the Freesat programme guide is on a very strong frequency signal that is easily available across Europe.

A Sky boxes initial software download frequency is not on an ideal frequency for Spain and this is why you have to help your Sky box reset and perform a download by changing the Default Transponder frequency code. There is not any one correct default transponder frequency code you can use, you can use most of the 90plus frequencies to help reset your sky box.

Sky Box reset Frequency Code

More extra channel on a Sky box for Free!

Some companies claim that you can add 50 more free channels to your subscription sky box. This is partially true. Most of the free TV channels available on Sky and Freesat TV boxes already appear on the Sky TV guide. The only extra and additional free TV channels you can add to your Sky box are other alternate ITV1 regions.

You are allocated an ITV1 region on Sky channel 103. This is determined by using the postcode of your sky subscription card. However, you can, using the Sky remote control, input frequency codes on the Sky box to load into the Sky box all the other ITV1 advertising regions.

Remember that Freesat TV over Europe, just like Sky TV over Europe, is all dependent on your equipment, such as make and size of your satellite dish, make and type of LNB, and make and type of your digital satellite receiver. This will apply wherever you are in Europe: Spain, the Canaries and the Balearics, England, Ireland, Malta, France, Italy, Portugal, Holland, Germany and all other Eurozone areas.