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What has happened, I have lost my SKY channels?
We have removed SKY channels from our TV service. This change is immediate. This is an ongoing process and could be subject to change.

Is this permanent?
Yes the changes are permanent. We will no longer supply SKY subscription channels.

It is common knowledge that any SKY channels received outside the UK and Northern Ireland exploit how the satellite falls outside the UK perimeter. For many years us, and other retransmission companies have been able to provide these services without complication. Our company has paid all Spanish taxes and fees due and thus have been largely ignored for the activity of re-transmitting SKY channels. However, recent events with a retransmission company in Torrevieja, resulted in their closure due to non payment of Spanish related company taxes. With this came the investigation of their activity and subsequently also intense press coverage regards their ´legality´ Thus follows attention from regulatory institutions in Spain who would need to be seen to stop these activities.

Will you replace them?
We will be replacing channels with channels of similar content. This is an ongoing process and could be subject to change.

What will you replace them with?
We are still researching the opportunities and this could be subject to change in the short term whilst we research the different possibilities. We will keep you informed.

Will I keep these new channels?
We will retain the final choice of channel

Will I lose any other channels?
There are no plans to remove any other channels. BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 programmes are still available. We can transmit these channels legally.

Are any radio channels affected?
None of the radio channels are affected

I like SKY channels. I don´t like the channels you provide now. Will you reduce my monthly fee?
There are no plans to reduce monthly fees. We are required to pay licence fees for some of the new channels we provide. It is not feasible for us to reduce fees.

I have paid an annual fee. Do you plan to compensate me?
There are no plans to refund or reduce the annual fee.

I just recently had the service installed. I wanted SKY channels and paid on this basis. I want a refund. How to I claim this, and how much will you refund?
We would ask you place in writing your request. These requests will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Is there a chance your company will close and I will lose all my TV?
We have no plans to end our services. We hope to increase and offer a better service without any threat of change in the future

So, do I get anything new?
Yes, we will phase in, over the next 18 –24 months a service called CABO TV. This will offer more channels. We will provide more information during the coming weeks.

Will I need to pay for CABO TV
The cost to changeover will depend on how long you have had your existing contract, how much you paid for installation and type of installation. Preferential costs will always apply to existing SSCTV customers.

A few words.
"BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 programmes are still available. We can transmit these channels legally."
the retransmitting of any channels without permission is illegal.However, a Spanish Judge has said that retransmission of FREE TV channels is OK - which does go against EU and international copyright laws.

TV CABO is the Portuguese Pay Television Service. Some channels are available with an Enlgish soundtrack.

If you want Sky pay TV channels, you will require a Sky card and the relevant size dish and receiver. Remember that the use of a Sky card outside of the UK is breaking the terms and conditions of the Sky card contract and your viewing card can be cancelled if SKy find out. But if they dont know...