These changes affect most Spanish TV reception across Spain and is part of Phase 2 of the digital switch over in Spain.

All channels on frequency / multiplex 66 have been moved and transferred over to new frequencies.

This has affected the following Spanish digital TV channels:

Veo7 TV

A rescan on your TDT set top box will need to be performed to make sure you can continue to receive these Spanish TV channels.

In some cases a call for a TV engineer / TV installer will be required, as your existing system may not be able to receive Teledeportes new frequency. This is especially true for community TV systems, where individual amplifier modules are installed.

Phase 2 of Spain’s digital switch over is aimed to free up the digital TV frequency spectrum between from 62 to 69. This is so these frequencies can be sold off to other telecoms companies, like mobile phone operators.

It is also worth noting that Teledeporte is now labelled as TDP.