A recent survey saw that an overwhelming 98% responded that they wanted a Satellite DTT as in other countries.

Many of the current problems of TDT reception are due to grey areas, where TDT signals are either very weak or nonexistant. In Spain 1.5% of the population live in these TDT grey areas, which rises to over 35% if you count areas bloccked by buildings. A total of more than 2 million households would receive NO TV in a position today and another 3.5 million million have pixilation, Fadding or white noise along the coast.

This could be solved by TDT by satellite

According to the latest survey on satellite DTT, 97.7% of Internet users who responded to the consultation want access to TDT channels via satellite for free, as in most European countries, such as France, Italy and the UK (Freesat).

Unlike in Spain, the governments of these countries have opted for open models in the distribution of DTT by the alternative pathway of the satellite, making it easier for all who want access to this modality.

The result is that any French citizen, English or Italian has only to approach a distributor (dealer or supermarket) to buy the receiver and the corresponding card (if required - not in the UK, but in France - TNTSAT) for a price of around 100 euros.

Another difference is that in these cases the package is available by satellite is the same as the land based transmitters and includes the HD channels and pay channels.

In Spain access to satellite DTT is much more restricted because we have to go to an installer approved by Abertis and meet certain requirements and procedures, which lengthen the process and make it expensive: The installer goes to the user's home (which should be in shaded area) to check that there is no possibility of receiving the TDT signal and draws up a report submitted by Abertis. Abertis gives its approval and delivery to the user keys that can unlock the receiver and the card (also approved by Abertis). Once these unlocked, the installer returns the address of the user to proceed to the final installation. The average cost of a satellite installation of DTT in Spain is around 400 euros.

In addition, each receptor is only for a TV and its reception capacity is limited to two transponders on Hispasat.

The survey, which was attended by 8545 Internet users, giving results very clear about how you should distribute satellite DTT in Spain:

- 8348 people, 97.69% of participants want a cheap satellite DTT and free access, as in other countries.

- 1.33% DTT Satellite wants a free access, no matter the price.

- 0.44% The states that do not need satellite DTT in Spain.

- 0.41% is satisfied as currently distributed by Abertis.

And the 0.12% estimated that DTT is not necessary as some satellite channels are available in packages of payment.