The first ever Ferrari World theme park may have opened in Abu Dhabi just last week, but other countries are already bidding to host their own racing-themed attraction.
The mayor of Valencia has travelled to Italy to meet with Ferrari chiefs and discuss how the port city - already set to host the Ferrari World Finals this month - could be the ideal European base for another theme park.
Spain was first tipped as one of the frontrunners for a Ferrari World Europe venture a year ago and Valencia is seen as an ideal location as it already hosts a Grand Prix.

The city's officials are said to have recently visited the Abu Dhabi theme park, which boasts the fastest roller coaster in the world and is expected to attract 10,000 tourists a day.

Travelling at 149mph in 4.9 seconds, the ride recreates the G-force felt in a Formula One car and is so fast that riders have to wear safety goggles, just like those a racing driver wears during a Grand Prix.

Thousands of visitors flocked to Abu Dhabi's Yas Island for the theme park’s grand opening last week, which, at over 80,000m², is the world’s largest indoor park.

Its red roof is modelled on the side profile of a Ferrari GT and features the largest prancing horse logo ever created.
The unusual theme park is up against the movie-themed attractions offered by Disney and Universal Studios around the world and it is hoped it will appeal to a different type of theme park visitor

The park boasts over 20 rides and attractions including a tower ride that shoots riders 62 metres (203 feet) into the air with G-forces that the likes of Lewis Hamilton might experience.

The Fiorano GT Challenge also offers visitors the chance to race their friends in a Ferrari F430 Spider. Other attractions include a flume ride through a Ferrari engine, complete with giant pistons and an exhaust pipe.

Visitors can stroll through a Ferrari paddock, handle tools used during races and train to be part of a pit crew that changes the tyres on an F1 car.

The park also houses the largest collection of classic and modern Ferrari race cars outside of the company's Maranello headquarters in Italy as well as a trattoria inspired by Mamma Rossella's restaurant, a favourite haunt of Ferrari drivers.

The theme park is located just down the road from the Yas Marina Circuit which will host the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix next weekend.

'It brings motor racing. It brings together beautiful GT cars. It brings nostalgia,' said Andy Keeling, the park manager of Ferrari World.

'Let's also not forget it is a great, fun place to go. It's not a museum. It's not a car salesroom. You ride great roller coasters. The icing on the cake is that it's a Ferrari Formula 1 roller coaster.'

General manager Claus Frimand said that the the park offered Ferrari a unique platform to share its 81-year history and attract a legion of new fans.

'We are the ultimate brand experience for Ferrari,' Frimand said. 'We tell the whole story of all the Ferrari victories over time and why it's the biggest of the race teams.’