Spain doesn't have much in the way of HDTV offers. Satellite pay-TV operator Sogecable's Digital+ offers the most extensive service – 10 channels at present. But the operator needs further satellite capacity in order to extend it.

Digital+ has hired a new Astra transponder at 19.2şE's for this purpose. The operator has chosen SES Astra instead of Hispasat – the satellite system through which the operator broadcasts its traditional offering - for its HDTV offer by deleting those HDTV channels from Hispasat and staying only on Astra. The reason is to save costs.

Many of the HD broadcasters were not willing to pay for two satellite systems in order to launch their HD offerings which made it difficult for the operator to extend its HD service.

In particular Digital+ has hired an Astra 1KR transponder. Three new HD channels will be added to the operator, two of them with Dolby Digital 5.1: Canal+ Comedia HD and Canal+Liga HD. The other two channels are AXN HD and Disney Cinemagic HD.

source: rapidtvnews