SUMMER has arrived early in Malaga and in Antequera temperatures reached 39șC in the shade earlier this week. This area, Sevilla, Cordoba, Jaen and Cadiz were all on yellow alert for high temperatures.

The Ministry of Health recommends drinking plenty of water and liquids (avoiding alcohol), taking cool showers and eating light meals which replenish the salts we lose through sweating, including salad, fruit, vegetables and juice. When outside, try to keep in the shade, keep your head covered, use light coloured clothes and comfortable, light shoes. Protect your skin with sunscreen, use sunglasses and do not carry out physical activity during the heat of the day. Keep blinds down during the day and windows closed. Use air-conditioning and fans to keep rooms cool.

Take special care with children under four, old people, people with chronic illnesses and those taking medication.