If you are experiencing loss of some UK satellite TV channels on the Costa Blanca Spain recently, then there could be a simple reason for this sudden reduction in channel availability

Living near the coast, and the very hot weather, many areas along the Costa Blanca / Costa Del Sol / coast have been experiencing "fading" of their TDT channels. In some cases more repeaters and different frequencies have not helped with reception either.

This issue can also have an affect on satellite TV signals.

In the past few days I have noticed that some of the weaker signal channels, like BBC2 and C4 (104) and a few others have been a bit random in their reception in the last few weeks. They are not available much earlier than usual - more noticably when the temperatures and humidity is really high.

If you have a satellite dish that was already on the borderlines of reception, like a 1.4m dish in the Alicante or Torrevieja area, then you will also see this loss off reception.