SKY CARDS: After this year’s rumoured Sky card change was scrapped due to C4 and Five going free, it is anticipated that the Sky card change will be from April 2009. If your current Sky card is registered at your own UK address then you should receive the new card. In theory you should remove your old card and insert you new card into your Sky receiver to make the change over.

If your Sky viewing card is not registered at your own UK address then you may have problems in continuing to receive your Sky channels. Obviously demand for new cards, including Free To View will severely outstrip supply. This means that many people here in Spain will be without certain channels until the new cards are available, but I am sure that you will have to pay a premium price for them.

FREESATFROMSKY CARDS: Current rumours are that the FREESATFROMSKY card will be discontinued - as C4 (and soon FIVE) will be available for free with no Sky card, and therefore there is no need for a FREESATFROMSKY card as the main UK terrestrial channels will be free.

If this is the case then I would suggest that Sky 3, Five US and FIVER will join the Sky Entertainment Mix subscription package, and will only be available with a monthly subscription - THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED, just a possibility.